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River Package

4 Days / 3 Nights

Waterfall & Sacred lagoon: Charming excursion, going into the forest to discover the fascinating natural waterfall SUYU-PAKCHA giving shape to its majestic lagoon, considered a sacred place and spiritual abode, the perfect place to coexist with nature and refresh yourself after a pleasant tour.

Day 1

• Welcome cocktail (Guayusa)

• Check in 13:30

• Visit downtown Misahuallí – Playa de los monos (Monkey beach)

• Chocolate workshop experience

• Traditional dinner

Day 2

• Breakfast in the morning (approximately 8:30 am)

• Hike and interpretation of medicinal plants and the primary forest

• Typical lunch

• Rest time at Ama Ecolodge facilities

• Visit to the Kichwa interpretation center

• Navigation in the lagoon of Ama Ecolodge with the possibility of observing white caiman, different species of birds and flora.

• Typical dinner

Day 3

• Breakfast in the morning

• Visit to the Misahullí caves.

• Visit to the pitahaya plantations and plantations of the area.

• Lunch in the afternoon

• Excursion to the waterfall – SUYU PAKCHA Lagoon

• Chocolate massage

• Typical dinner

• Night walk

Día 4

• Breakfast early in the morning (approximately 7:00 am)

• Visit and navigation in the Paikawe lagoon secondary forest with the possibility of observing spider monkeys, black chichicos, approximately 20 species of birds and fish such as paiches.

• Return to the lodge

• Check out (12 noon)

• Lunch (13:00)

• Visit to the giant ceibo tree

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