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Birdwatching in Ecuador

This place is a paradise for bird watchers, as it is home to an incredible diversity of species that delight the senses. With its dense forests, meandering rivers and impressive waterfalls, Misahuallí offers an idyllic habitat for a wide variety of tropical and migratory birds. 

Watching Birds in the Amazon

As the sun rises over the verdant canopy, the symphony of chirps, whistles, and melodies from a myriad of bird species creates an ambient soundtrack that truly transports you into nature's embrace. From the majestic toucans with their flamboyant beaks to the elusive and brilliantly colored parrots, Misahuallí unveils a breathtaking spectacle of winged wonders.

Variety of Bird Species

In this corner of the world, you can enjoy an unparalleled avian biodiversity.

From majestic eagles and colorful quetzals to tiny hummingbirds and great herons, the sky of Misahuallí is populated by a wide range of birds that dazzle with their beauty and uniqueness.

Bird watchers have the opportunity to witness the spectacle of native tropical birds, as well as migratory species that visit the area at different times of the year.

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