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Ayahuasca Ritual Ecuador

As part of the celebration of Kapac Raymi, Ayahuasca ceremonies are performed in indigenous communities of the Amazon and the Andes. This involves welcoming the birth of the sun, as on this date Tata Inti (the sun) is closest to Pacha Mama (the earth); and using Ayahuasca or Yage. 

It was believed that:

It was believed that this allows them to obtain clear visions or messages to harmonize themselves and to receive the beginning of the agricultural calendar for harvesting and planting. Similarly, on a spiritual level, it serves for offering and initiating transformations, changes, and encounters with our inner selves. (Duration: 4 hours)

Within the Ayahuasca ceremony, it is accompanied by sessions of rapé, sananga, and Kambo, allowing the body to cleanse both physically and spiritually.


It is a powder made from ancient plants from the Andes and the Amazon, the form of application is through the nostrils, where it allows cleaning the nasal system and the pineal gland; it helps reduce problems such as headaches, allergies, migraines, sinusitis, and spiritually it gives you better and greater concentration in everyday life. (Duration: 20 min)


In a liquid that has many varieties of plants, its application is through drops in the eyes. It helps to clean the spiritual vision, giving it more clarity and healing from visual problems and difficulties that one may have. (Duration: 20 min)


In a substance extracted from the sweat of a frog and applied to the patient's skin, their reaction produces vomiting and diarrhea. The benefits range from harmonizing the circulatory system to cleansing the digestive system, successfully treating multiple hepatic, blood, neural, and dermatological diseases, among others. (Duration: 40 minutes)

These sessions and ceremonies are accompanied by Taita Ñawi Tisoy from the Inga community of Colombia, an expert and knowledgeable in the path of healing and power plants.


Participation in Ayahuasca ceremony:  Includes sananga and Rapé

Participation in Kambo session: Ask us about our prices